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Marques Brownlee

Marques Brownlee

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iPhone 14 was trending on Twitter last week.

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Balaji Reddy
Balaji Reddy 4 שעות לפני
Iphone 14 apple added finger sensors that will be great.
Toby Clegg
Toby Clegg 10 שעות לפני
i'm not a tech geek by any means, but here is my two cents... leaks don't mean anything until proven correct, so pay no attention to them. its all about the launch event.
Austin The Best
Austin The Best 2 ימים לפני
Thx for the good memories, it was hilarious, back in 2010 I saw the leaks but I thought it wasn’t legit.
Crazy boy
Crazy boy 2 ימים לפני
People what something see cheng in iPhone
Sean Finley
Sean Finley 3 ימים לפני
I don’t believe the leaks devalue the actual announcement. I think it just gives us an idea. However, the Real unavailing is always a nice. Although the leaks do seem to overshoot the actual design.
Randy Rorschach
Randy Rorschach 5 ימים לפני
I loved the story behind the iPhone 4 leak and thought it was crazy. I remember seeing the posts and followed the story
Elkano 5 ימים לפני
I NEED to know how will the next Iphone be!! Sent from my Iphone SE 1st gen
Chai 6 ימים לפני
Iphone 14 leak prevented me from buying iPhone 13 due to no notch on iPhone 14.
Elbert Lee
Elbert Lee 6 ימים לפני
They are snippets of brainstorming product development discussions .
Manuel Bejarano
Manuel Bejarano 6 ימים לפני
I think leaks help companies to measure market reactions and preferences
FalconboyTech 8 ימים לפני
The Iphone 14 will be a great phones but there will be other options in 2022 that might be better.
Fahad Janjua
Fahad Janjua 9 ימים לפני
I was born on March 18th too 🥴
Thunderbolt Skyy
Thunderbolt Skyy 9 ימים לפני
Y'all is some villians
Nanook of the North
Nanook of the North 9 ימים לפני
Why senak open Christmas gifts before Christmas Day...takes away the fun of the day
SMB 9 ימים לפני
Apple on launch day: Ta-da! People: Meh 😑
SMB 9 ימים לפני
Leaking on purpose and then creating a huge hype about not liking it is just an Apple marketing strategy.
gareth cairns
gareth cairns 9 ימים לפני
I do try and follow enough to know roughly what’s expected and when. Learned the hard way buying a 3GS literally 3 weeks before the 4 dropped.
Soumyadeep C
Soumyadeep C 10 ימים לפני
Why the fking hype bro about a communication device? Is it gonna feed or heal a population. Shittiest stuff getting attention. Bullshit phone .
Jem Adriano
Jem Adriano 10 ימים לפני
Back camera really needs a redesign…can’t be giving the same crap every year… the main camera needs to be much bigger on the 14
hostagna Thoma
hostagna Thoma 12 ימים לפני
i am one of those people who don't care about leaks. because is worthless for time.
jim 13 ימים לפני
I take leaks as a grain os salt. Clickbait ! I watched a vid on a ILfor with the header stating Elon Musk new rocket. It was a vid of known facts of a rovket that is two years old. I don't know about most people but I think my time is important and that's 8 min I can't get back.
Adrian Urrutia
Adrian Urrutia 14 ימים לפני
You used a key word right there, “entertainment.” I believe people have a choice as to what to watch regardless of the content. People with a huge fan base like yourself should not have a say into what is proper to watch or not.
Gilly Puente
Gilly Puente 17 ימים לפני
Person: Tries to give Apple back the phone. Apple: I dont want the phone. Also Apple: Let's have the police storm the office of the people who have the phone because they're showing off a phone we didnt want back!.
Mai-Lien Olsson
Mai-Lien Olsson 17 ימים לפני
If my iPhone was stolen I'd be lucky if the police would even take the time to record it as a theft.
Pathak Dwij
Pathak Dwij 17 ימים לפני
Just good Like my comment
tihi 17 ימים לפני
These kinds of leaks are thefts. Speculation is fine. But actually leaks are not ok. I’m one of those who don’t seek out news about leaks because why should I waste energy on imagining when I have better things to do?
Hemant Sen
Hemant Sen 18 ימים לפני
Never aspect useless lecture from u, plz do what u known for
God 18 ימים לפני
I remember not seeing leaks about the iPhone X and when they revealed it at the end I was mind blowned
Punit Salimath
Punit Salimath 20 ימים לפני
Number of spam messages are increasing on daily basis. I'm getting minimum one notification a day of such comment replies. Strangely they aren't available when I open the notification to report them.
MT Paladin
MT Paladin 20 ימים לפני
I totally agree that all these leaks take away the big surprise during launch, especially when nowadays leak are usually ALMOST accurate to the point, when it comes to design. I do feel a lot of this leak are done on purpose by the company itself, to generate hype & get people talking about it. Is free marketing. I guess for those who don't want to ruin the surprises can just ignore all leaks & not read them. But we are curious human being, especially tech lovers can't resist on finding out what is coming. So the point is I guess, if there is a fine line between not leaking too much & same time leave room for surprises at launch?! I know is hard to achieve that balance. Hopefully someone manage to do that. Anyway, Thanks for video mkbhd. Food for thought!
MT Paladin
MT Paladin 20 ימים לפני
Wow. Thanks. I didn't expected it 😳
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windycity 78
windycity 78 21 יום לפני
Why are y’all talking about the iPhone 14 now
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Danker 22 ימים לפני
Steve Jobs totally gamered Jason Chen, what a mad lad.
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KVSupernova 22 ימים לפני
If you really think about it, leaks are like hidden lore for the smartphone world
Joel 20 ימים לפני
Is this a scam below
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Gaetano 22 ימים לפני
Who ever finds a phone and tries to sell it instead of returning it to the owner, they deserve the karma coming to them. Disgusting.
Gaetano 22 ימים לפני
When I lived in another city, I just got on the bus and saw a guy leave the seat that I sat near when I got on. The bus had to break so hard that the phone fell on the floor. I thought that it may have been the exact guy that left the bus as I got on. I kept the phone with me until I got home so I can keep it charged. Someone called it and he said that he was the one who forgot it. I met up with him and returned it. I think I'm a good person, I'd like to think that Karma is real, but after all the good things that I do for anyone but myself, I always end up very sick, or in really bad situations that I have no control over. Just want something good to happen to me.
George Alexander
George Alexander 23 ימים לפני
I have difficulty handling my emotions and I find myself watching lots of leak videos. I don't really care about the products but they're kind of a crutch for me when I need a distraction to indulge myself in. It's weird and I can't explain it lol.
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Nithilan Dhandapani
Nithilan Dhandapani 23 ימים לפני
I wonder what happened to that particular Employee 🤔
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Micah TV
Micah TV 24 ימים לפני
I like following the leaks n it doesn’t really ruin the actual unveiling for me because once we get to the actual unveiling it’s kinda exciting for me to see if all the leaks were right or not😭😂😂
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Jerome Gold
Jerome Gold 24 ימים לפני
Great content. I like leaks myself. It gives you the Idea of what the phone or tablet is gonna look like in most parts, take for instance the galaxy s22 ultra, when the renders started to leak out, the look of the p shape camera people thought it was ugly, then the render of the same camera looked like an 11 shape people were like that's better, then finally when the camera came out looking like raindrops people got excited. Also it showed the s pen built-in the phone. People got excited especially note fans. To me these renders get people juices flowing which is good for the company, especially when it comes to pre order's. When people see what colors the s22 ultra comes in people get even more hyped. Saying like I'm going to definitely get that dark red, or that green. Instant sales. Deep down the company loves when leaks come out.
hanzocloud 25 ימים לפני
I hope gizmodo didn’t get into any trouble at the end of that
A U S S I E 28 ימים לפני
No offense mate but your channel is no different from these “leaks are merely entertainment” genre.
pïññed By Mrwhosethboss
pïññed By Mrwhosethboss 25 ימים לפני
Roman numerals 👇 Plus I Open bracket IV VIII IV Close bracket IX VIII VI IX O I IX.....
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OG JATT 29 ימים לפני
Minhaz Muktadir
Minhaz Muktadir חודש לפני
Didn't know mkbhd was such a sell out.
AirEcho X
AirEcho X חודש לפני
The title page look like Smartisan T1.
Félix-Antoine Lavallée
Félix-Antoine Lavallée חודש לפני
I disagree that all the excitement is gone when you see the Apple event because in the leaks what you usually cannot know before the lunch is the software features that they to the new generation
PikaBlu22 חודש לפני
That first story is a bit backwards. If you offer a piece of someones property back to them and they refuse to accept it back. It is NOT considered stolen at that point. It would be considered abandoned and thusly is free ownership to anyone. Including someone who happens upon it, and anyone who buys it afterwards. You can’t steal something that someone dosen’t want, and it is not considered yours if you randomly change your mind later and want it back. I can’t give someone a TV and say that I don’t want it, then come after them 1 week later when I randomly decide I want it back. Apple has absolutely no rights to that device anymore. If they wanted it back they should have accepted it back when it the person asked if they wanted it back.
엄지UMJI חודש לפני
F*ck those “leaks”. They misleading people. And they’re annoying too. Why do they leak phones design. While there are fkn 300+ days before iPhone 14 release, those scumbags always report about leak.
dvmrp חודש לפני
just a cheapest way to get more hit and without any responsibility.....
The Prince
The Prince חודש לפני
We want this and also we want the apple logo to light up again like it used to be on every MacBook and pro
The Prince
The Prince חודש לפני
I hope 🤞🏻 this would be true
Yongho Kim
Yongho Kim חודש לפני
*Pixel 6 has entered the chat*
Die Kritik
Die Kritik חודש לפני
I don’t even watch trailers, leaks etc anymore because for movies games etc it just spoils the whole story all the time and they show way to much story. And for tech it’s the same! iPhone 13 not even out and you read about iphone 15. like I don’t even care. Stop annoying me. Internet is getting worse and worse. Instagram ILfor all the same, only stupid idiotic content wich attracts to other stupid idiots. There are just a handful good channels left like yours ❤️ stay how you are mate
Andy חודש לפני
I like the leaks, It gives me more idea whats more worth to me. Im due upgrade now but going to wait until 14 as it looks much better and dont like the notch
Justyburger חודש לפני
I don't really follow leaks, but I can tell you one thing: If the Iphone 14 looks anything like the leak, I'm buying it. No bump, no notch,a return to the Iphone 4 design and even the Rose Gold color. On top of that a Titanium chassis. That phone will be the undisputed King of the hill. For that, it is worth the wait. Alternatively I could buy the 13 or even a 12 and then sell it to get the 14.
Jorge Sanchez
Jorge Sanchez חודש לפני
Marques, why you are posting this? Are you trying to influence your followers to be like you and stop watching leaks… I just don’t get it, you wasted time to create this propaganda, there must be a bigger reason why …
Venkii Veera
Venkii Veera חודש לפני
He's from the future from a different Time dimension
Anton Markov
Anton Markov חודש לפני
Take a shot every time he says “leak”
Yousef Abu-Zaid
Yousef Abu-Zaid חודש לפני
At the end, I think the guy who left the phone ended up committing ‏suicide. Damn man
Sodahiss חודש לפני
I always tend to avoid hype leaks so that I can watch the press releases and get excited
Dima is a tree.
Dima is a tree. חודש לפני
I don’t really follow leaks, I just forget about Apple until i know a new iPhone is about to drop and that’s when I look into it and maybe check out a few leaks. Main thing I like to know is if the new iPhone will have a notch or not. I still have my iPhone XS Max and I’m hoping the iPhone 14 won’t have a notch because the notch is the main reason why I haven’t upgraded yet
Pínnėd Bÿ Mārquės Brownlęę
Pínnėd Bÿ Mārquės Brownlęę חודש לפני
Federgeistchen חודש לפני
IMO leaks definitely ruin launch events. Not necessarily because it takes the surprise away, but rather because they are often too good to be true and I end up being disappointment. The iMac design, for instance, which I still don‘t like. I was very interested in that computer especially because the renders based on the leaks that ended up being completely false. If it hadn‘t been for them, I of course still would not have bought the iMac, but I at least would not have been disappointed because what was supposed to me „my next computer“ ended up not to be my next computer, if that makes any sense at all… XD
Wet Dreamz
Wet Dreamz חודש לפני
I don't read leaks to ruin my surprise. I do it to make important financial decisions.
MonsterDream14 חודש לפני
I saw some render of an Apple Watch series 7 that would have the new design of the iPhone 12 with flat borders. I think it was very cool. But on the apple event where the announced the new Apple Watch I was disappointed. So yes I do think leaks (or fake leaks) ruined the launch of products.
ALAN DUDE חודש לפני
Salih Aydın
Salih Aydın חודש לפני
I think Apple should show what they’re working on transparently so those leak guys can finally shut their mouth up
sakhawat hosain
sakhawat hosain חודש לפני
Marques Brownlee Brother I have a big desire in my life to use an iPhone set but I can't afford to buy an iPhone because the price of an iPhone set in Bangladesh is so much that I can't afford it brother I saw you in a video I asked for an iPhone, brother, please give me an iPhone set. I live in Bangladesh
Evan Sexauer
Evan Sexauer חודש לפני
When an ss he put in the vid was right lol 5:20
nasri Marc
nasri Marc חודש לפני
Iphone 13.5
Bella Dama
Bella Dama חודש לפני
Leaks or not, iphone 13 is just disappointing though.
J Holmes
J Holmes חודש לפני
I assume most leaks are done on purpose to test the market/ prepare the market for changes
PiNKiE PiE חודש לפני
And free media coverage.
iPurpleMist חודש לפני
MB ftw
Trymore Murindagomo
Trymore Murindagomo חודש לפני
I actually follow(enjoy)the leaks but when it comes to the announcement it won't be a surprise anymore it'll be insane.
Laing404 חודש לפני
I agree leaks take the fun out of the reveal. especially when the leaks are close to launch design leaks
Sigma חודש לפני
I think this should not hurt apple. Cz, you will know what apple will come up with 3 years later by looking what is in the market now. Poor Gizmodo Editor.
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Yeetus Supreme
Yeetus Supreme חודש לפני
I love how a month after I got my 12 they announced the 13
Davontavious .
Davontavious . חודש לפני
Bro same
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OPUS Digital Audio
OPUS Digital Audio חודש לפני
Just look how he is winging and holding the iPhone 4. Looks like 2021 and you ALL know you want and need a small phone.
Joshua Carpenter
Joshua Carpenter חודש לפני
Most leaks are wrong
Palrixia חודש לפני
My iPhone 13 hasn’t even been delivered yet 🤦‍♀️
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Daveed Wells
Daveed Wells חודש לפני
Thanks you for the video 📹
Daveed Wells
Daveed Wells חודש לפני
It is entertaining when a new phone will launch but it to soon and we don't know if that will be the real phone or not
Daveed Wells
Daveed Wells חודש לפני
I have a question when people are hype for some people why is it necessary because if they got hype over it and some people can't afford why they get hype or if they see another phone and want that other phone why would they get hype 🤔
Daveed Wells
Daveed Wells חודש לפני
I have a question when people are hype for some people why is it necessary because if they got hype over it and some people can't afford why they get hype or if they see another phone and want that other phone why would they get hype 🤔
PiNKiE PiE חודש לפני
What are you asking in English?
Daveed Wells
Daveed Wells חודש לפני
True 👍 facts 💯
Daveed Wells
Daveed Wells חודש לפני
Yeah that understandable but how can they do that 🤔
Nardine חודש לפני
This is not what I thought this video would be...
Daveed Wells
Daveed Wells חודש לפני
That phone don't look too bad or old or any different from the new iPhone
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Jonah Philip
Jonah Philip חודש לפני
Cyberpunk 2077
Mustafa61 FIFA
Mustafa61 FIFA חודש לפני
You are very good 👍🏻
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sam bryant
sam bryant חודש לפני
A leak is like a film trailer, it’s shows you the main things within the upcoming event
aced חודש לפני
lmao imagine iphone 14 got leaked like iphone 4 LOL
WhatsApp +➀➁➁⓪➆➀⓪➅➆➃➄
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Brandon Cook
Brandon Cook חודש לפני
I might upgrade from my XS for a new phone that looks like the 4. That’s my favorite look.
Ramon Gonçalves Pina
Ramon Gonçalves Pina חודש לפני
I can't afford every single smartphone that's released, so I enjoy leaks as a way of planning which one I'm going to get
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pïññed By Mrwhosethboss חודש לפני
Winner! Contact me WhatsApp only..
Leonardo Romero
Leonardo Romero חודש לפני
I like taking a leak.
Nishant Sawant
Nishant Sawant חודש לפני
Company only do all this leaks thing
CD8k חודש לפני
I met that engineer recently he was fired days later. Apple doesn't mess around I mean look at the recent Tim Cook email, that was leaked ironically, about leaking confidential information.
D Estrada
D Estrada חודש לפני
The iPhone 4 is my favorite iPhone ever
Pythgorean's Assistant
Pythgorean's Assistant חודש לפני
That dude tried to give it back & Apple refused. That's on Apple.
Dmon !
Dmon ! חודש לפני
Please do a video on people pushing stupid rumours for upcoming phones and coverage of them. If a guy on twitter wants to post a tweet, let them, but why does everyone need to write an article and many youtube videos on it when there is no proof it is correct? Its as dense as seeing articles of people who 'predicted the financial crisis'... let me make any educated guess on the future, if it comes true should I get the hype for a guess? If it was wrong no one would even know who I am in the first place
Dmon !
Dmon ! חודש לפני
Everyone, if you can see the shady account above that replied to me, please report them for spam/scam. You can use the same message body i did as justificafion: "The person creates multiple accounts to spam comments across multiple channels to advertise their p site. The comments themselves are random but the account username, profile, and banner tries to get people to visit their site" Imagine how bad their site must be that they have to create many accounts and spam people with them just to generate traffic. Avoid going to the site, you never know if you'll get a virus too. Ruin their profit margin lmfao
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CWZ34 חודש לפני
I’ll be impressed on iPhone leaks once apple moves to usb-c.
Thunder חודש לפני
Maya Natasha Pirzada
Maya Natasha Pirzada חודש לפני
“Sweet level of innocence” how is it even possible to miss articles on tech leaks? Like I don’t go chasing after them but a couple of them do come up.
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M1 Max MacBook Pro Review: Truly Next Level!
Marques Brownlee
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What Is Right To Repair?
Marques Brownlee
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Apple Responds to Your Comments!
Marques Brownlee
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Driving 1000 Miles in 3 Cars: Gas vs Electric!
Marques Brownlee
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AirPods Max Review: Luxury Listening!
Marques Brownlee
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Dear Apple.
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אדיר גץ - מפתח Adir Getz
Adir Getz Official Channel אדיר גץ הערוץ הרשמי
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אלה לי - פקה פקה (Prod. by Dor Gal)
אלה לי - Ella Lee
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زوجت اختي ل برهوم و جبت العيد
Noor Stars
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What is a Google Phone?! Reviewing Every Pixel/Nexus Ever!
Marques Brownlee
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Torang pasukan versi future technology 351 #short #shorts
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People’s reactions when they see twins / TwinsFromRussia tiktok #shorts
تحدي الشمع 😂🔥 أسوء تحدي 😂
Ayman Aballi
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